How can I join the club?

Glad you asked! Please visit our meeting as our guest to see if we are a good match. When you are ready, let us know at the meeting. We will be glad to walk you through from there. See your Invitation here.

Can anyone become a member?

Membership is open to all people ages 18 and above. There are no upper age limits, of course. We ask you to visit us as a guest first so you can decide we are a good match (We hope so!). 

Can I visit your meeting as a guest?

Oh yes, please do! We encourage you to visit our meeting. 

We meet  Every Saturday, meeting starts at 1 pm UTC. We start gathering 20 minutes before the official meeting; you are welcome to join early!

We use Online Meeting app Zoom. For our guests, we have a little introduction here.

The meeting room is usually open 20 minutes prior to the official hour (for checking your camera and audio, also socializing).
Our meeting link (click to join): https://zoom.us/j/591440460

How long do club meetings last?

Our meetings are approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes long. They are roughly divided into three sections: Prepared Speeches, Table Topics (impromptu speaking), and Evaluation. Members can do prepared speeches and plan their meeting roles ahead. As a guest, you’re encouraged to take part in Table Topics and chat with us for a few minutes before and after the meeting.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Toastmasters International collects dues every six months:

  • October to March (Due on September 15) US$45- 
  • April to September (Due on March 15) US$45-
  • New member dues are prorated. Cost is based on the time remaining until the next biannual due date; see below ($=USD):

    The following is how much you need to pay if you join us in:
    January or July: US$22.50-
    February or August: US$15.00-
    March or September: US$52.50- ($7.5- for March/Sep + $45 for April-Sep / Oct-March)
    April or October: US$45.00-
    May or November: US$37.50-
    June or December: US$30.00-
    *Also, Payment transaction fees will be added (about US$2.00-).
    *A brand new member (never been a Toastmaster before) also pays a one-time fee of $20- for Starter Kit (manuals plus information).
    More on https://www.toastmasters.org/membership/facts-for-first-timers

All fees go to Toastmasters International. We do not charge club fees. However, we ask you to pay Paypal transaction fees (less than US$2-).