Buddies Online Toastmasters Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buddies Online Toastmasters Club?

Buddies is a beginner-friendly, fully-online Toastmasters club that was founded in 2016. We have a beautifully diverse membership that promotes a healthy, respectful, and caring environment where we can all grow. Our club has been a President’s Distinguished club for the last 6 years and, for the Toastmaster 2017 – 2023 year, Buddies has completed all 10 Distinguished Club Goals! Thank you for stopping by our page to learn more about us!

Are meetings open to non-Toastmasters International members?

Glad you asked! ūüôā

Yes, we are open to guests. Please visit one of our meetings to get to know us better. If you feel we’re a good fit for you, please write to our Vice President of Membership (VP-M) via our club email at buddiestmi@gmail.com.

Meeting information can be found here.

Can I visit your meeting even if I’m a member of another club?

Yes, please do! We encourage you to visit our meeting whether it’s your first time attending a Toastmasters meeting or if you’re a seasoned-pro. 

Meeting information can be found here.

Can anyone become a Buddy (member)?

Membership is open to all people ages 18 and above. There are no upper age limits, of course. We ask you to visit us as a guest first so you can decide we are a good match (We hope so!).  If you feel you would like to proceed with the membership process, please let us know! We will be glad to walk you through from there. You may contact our Vice President of Membership (VP-M) via our club email at buddiestmi@gmail.com.

How long do club meetings last?

Our regular meetings are usually 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) long. They are roughly divided into three sections: Prepared Speeches, Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking), and Evaluation. Members can do prepared speeches and plan their meeting roles ahead. As a guest, you’re welcome to take part in Table Topics and chat with us for a few minutes before and after the meeting.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Toastmasters International collects dues every six months:

  • October to March (Due on September 15) $60 USD
  • April to September (Due on March 15)¬†$60 USD
  • New member dues are prorated.¬†Cost is based on the time remaining until the next biannual due date; see below ($=USD):

    The following is how much you need to pay if you join us in:
    January or July: $30.00 USD
    February or August: $20.00 USD
    March or September: $10.00 USD
    April or October: $60.00 USD
    May or November: $50.00 USD
    June or December: $40.00 USD

* Payment transaction fees will be added (approximately $2.00 USD).
* A brand new member (never been a Toastmaster before) also pays a one-time fee of $20 USD for Starter Kit (manuals plus information).
More on https://www.toastmasters.org/membership/facts-for-first-timers

All fees go to Toastmasters International. You will need to be prepared to pay the Paypal transaction fees (less than $2 USD subject to PayPal policy).

There is also a Club Fee of $10.00 USD due every 6 months at time TMI renewal occurs. Club Fees are collected separately with the Club Treasurer which covers Web Hosting and Zoom Fees.