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Attending Zoom Meetings

Welcome to Buddies Online Toastmasters!Our meeting time is Saturday, 1pm UTC (1 hour 15 minutes). Your Local Time Converter: http://bit.ly/UTCtoLocalTime
Buddies Online Meeting Link https://zoom.us/j/591440460

Joining Online Meeting is Easy with Zoom!

Before the Meeting…

We are using Zoom app for our online meetings.

…What is Zoom?

It’s an app that helps meet you online! You can use it on many devices.

Zoom is a communication software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration. 

…How Do I Join the Meeting?

There are two ways of access with MAC or Windows:

  1. Directly from your web browser: 
  • Click our meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/591440460
  • Your browser will prompt you to open Zoom if you already have Zoom’s web extension on your PC.
Microsoft Edge
(Different browsers may have different interfaces and controls)

      2. From Zoom app (Download the PC-based client and all the other versions here):

          Click the blue button that says Join a Meeting.

A new window appears asking you to put in the meeting room number (591440460) and your name. When you join us the second time, just click the downward arrow to pull down the drop box and select the right number. You may tick or tick off the last option: “Turn off my video”. However, don’t tick the other two options if you want to visit us again and hear what we are saying. 😉

That’s it, there you are. Welcome!

Have fun with early birds!

The Meeting Host will be there about  20 minutes before the meeting and guides you through if you have any problems. If you would like to explore, please feel free to watch a collection of Zoom Video Tutorials we sorted out for you.

Meeting Controls

Useful Tips: Mute/Unmute, Start/Stop Your webcam  

During the meeting, you can Mute/Unmute or Start Video/Stop Video by yourself. *We Record each meeting for our training purpose. If you are not comfortable to be included, you can always Stop your Video. We would LOVE to see your smile, but we respect your choice. *Our Zoom Master might mute you when he/she detects echoes, noises or sound issues.

Audio & Video Settings
Share Your Screen
Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar

…Can I test Zoom before the meeting?

Yes!  You can test your connection to Zoom app prior to the scheduled time by visiting Zoom Test Room.

*Zoom should help you check/update/install the necessary app.

Here are some other tips you might find useful: 

Hotkeys for Mute/Unmute

PC: Alt + A
Mac: Shift + Command + A
For Telephone: *6

How Do I Test My Video?

How Do I Join Or Test My Computer Audio?

How Do I Change The Video Layout?

Chat with other participants

How do I save my meeting Chat?

What if I want to hide me only from myself?

What else can I do as an attendee?


More Help: https://support.zoom.us/

*Any questions are welcome! Email us: vpm-5562537@toastmastersclubs.org

Did you know… 🙂

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