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Attitude of gratitude, here we go again…

The first time I heard this sentence, it came out with a disgustingly childish tone from the person who mentioned while I listened to a podcast episode at the time; “The attitude of gratitude, bleeeeehhh…”. It kind of pinched my heart a bit, because I respected the podcast host and his show, and thought it wasn’t a funny joke. I brushed it off at the time, but whenever I hear the word “gratitude” I have flash backs of the event.

I used to journal pretty consistently for about a year, and one of the things I’d write about is a list of three things I am grateful for in that day. As you might have noticed, I said “I used to journal”. I haven’t been in almost 2 years by now and wasn’t planning on continuing. Until I stumbled upon a Innovative Planning Pathways project called “Focus on the Positive”.

This seemed like a different project than the other ones I’ve done before. Its main assignment was to not only prepare a speech on a given theme, but also keep a journal for two weeks, with three things you’re grateful for, and write about negative things you’re seeing in life and rephrase them as positive.

The moment I read the assignment I thought to myself “An attitude of gratitude, bleeeeeehhhh….” just like that Podcast guy. But then immediately switched to thinking about how much I’ve done it before during my journaling days, and that I actually might enjoy giving a speech on my experience with how much or how little that assignment has changed me.

Although I’m only a few days into my assignment, I honestly am feeling more optimistic, resilient, seeing the bright side of many situations, appreciating people and things more and overall feeling lighter and even happier.

I’m not sure whether I’ll keep journaling past the two-week assignment or not, but all I can say is that I’m enjoying it today and am grateful for finding this project in good timing.

I’m looking forward to give my speech on it soon!

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