Buddies Online Toastmasters Club

Audio, Video & Body Language Monitor

This is one of the most comprehensive roles for online clubs. As AVBLM, you:

  • Record the meeting upon verbal request by the President/Sergeant at Arms
  • Mute everyone except the speaker during the meeting
  • Unmute the speaker when he or she has trouble unmuting himself herself
  • Spotlight Timer for 10 seconds as he or she signals time. 
  • Watch closely when everyone speaks and offer your observations or suggestions in terms of body language.
  • Run polls for
    Best prepared speaker
    Best TT speaker
    Best Evaluator
    Best facilitator

Sample Script:

Hello Everyone! Today I am working as Audio, Video and BL Monitor. My job would be to

  1. Start and Stop Recording
  2. Spotlight the Speaker
  3. Mute/Unmute audience depending on the requirement
  4. Give feedback if any for the body language of speakers, their camera angles, their position on screen, etc
  5. Run polls

I will provide my report at the end of the meeting.

One-minute video instruction of Host Controls:


You can make someone else a co-host to assist you!


Text instructions

How to Spotlight a Person (Essential for indicating Timer):


Hover over the video of the participant you want to spotlight and click … (3 dots), choose Spotlight Video

Spot lighted person will be brought to the Speaker view. Click the left upper corner, “Cancel” button to stop spotlighting.

  1. Please spotlight the speaker/role as needed;
  2. Please spotlight the “Timer role” for a few seconds when she/he indicate the timing color. Cancel the spotlight in a few seconds, so the Speaker can be on the spotlight again (“Spotlight feature” automatically “unmute”. Please mute the Timer again)

*Zoom automatically cast a spotlight on an active speaker (even it’s a noise, zoom will spotlight the person). Spotlight feature enables us to control who to be “on the stage”.  

Mute and Unmute


When you hear noise or/and echo, muting will usually solve the echoing. Ask Attendees if they have multiple devices in the same room. If so, mute them or ask them mute one of their devices.

Mute All / Unmute All


*note  “Mute All” will mute the speaker as well — be careful!

Echo Troubleshoot


If the echo persists, try this page.

Zoom Remote (Far End) Camera Control


Co-host can ask permission to the speaker, and take over camera control. See how it works before take the stage 🙂

Zoom Remote Control


If someone wishes to screen share but not comfortable managing zoom and giving a speech at the same time, co-host can help.

Zoom Recording (Cloud)


Data storage space is limited. Upload to Youtube as Unlisted for share (space is limited on Zoom account) and delete them for the future recording.

Zoom Recording (Local)


Upload to Youtube as Unlisted for member share

Zoom Where did I record it?!


If you record it on Zoom cloud, you can find it there. (needs to access account owner’s zoom page)

Zoom Fun Feature: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14cVXSLPK_D__cdO1OY4pQC-kR1N7uvUi3IX9Noz0YCc/edit?usp=sharing

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