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Ballot Counter

The purpose of the Ballot Counter is to collect and compare ballots submitted by club members for Best Table Topic presentation and Best Evaluator. Only members are allowed to vote, as only members would be familiar with the criteria for voting. Guests are encouraged, however, to include notes of encouragement and edification. The Ballot Counter does not cast a vote unless there is a tie, in which case your ballot will be the tie-breaking vote.

Prior to the meeting:

  • Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the Ballot Counter for the benefit of guests, including voting criteria.
  • Be sure to mention that only members are allowed to vote, as they are familiar with the criteria.

Upon arrival at the meeting:

Obtain the award certificates from the Sergeant-at-Arms.

During the meeting:

  • When introduced by the General Evaluator, explain the role of the Ballot Counter. If the Toastmaster or General Evaluator doesn’t mention it, be sure to announce that while only members are allowed to vote, everyone present is welcome to write notes of encouragement and edification.
  • As the Timer gives his/her report, record times and award eligibility for each speaker on the Ballot Counter report.
  • Once the Timer has delivered their report as requested, pass the ballot collection box around to each table.
  • Tally the votes as quickly as possible, and announce the winner(s) when called upon by the General Evaluator.

After the meeting:

  • Present each “winner” with the Best Table Topics Award or Best Evaluator Award, as appropriate
  • Note the winner(s) on your Ballot Counter report and submit to the club Secretary for inclusion in the minutes.
  • Give your completed report to the club Secretary.

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