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Dear friends,

My name is Bruce Yu, and I’m the current President of Buddies Online Toastmaster Club. Days ago, our Vice President of Public Relations invited me to write something about communication and leadership skills which we’ve been practicing in Buddies. I’ve been thinking of what my essay should cover and how to help you learn more about Buddies.

As you may know, Toastmaster International is a non-profit organization and it mainly provides a positive and supportive learning experience to all its members to improve their public speaking skills and transform them into leaders. It has thousands of online, offline and hybrid clubs, Buddies is one of them, an online club.

I believe if you are here reading this, you would probably be interested in what Buddies can support its members to grow and how it can transfigure its members into excellent speakers and powerful leaders. So finally I’ve decided to share my personal observation to tell you how amazing it feels to be a buddy.

There are 4 advantages Buddies has to help its members grow rapidly and professionally.

1. A professional educational system

Toastmaster International provides a comprehensive and systematic educational system that helps its members to accelerate their professional and personal growth. Once becoming a member of Buddies, you will be able to access all materials on the Toastmaster International website to soar in your chosen path.

2. A team of encouraging and supporting officers

In order to maintain good meeting quality and steady members’ growth, Buddies officers aim to meet the members’ skill building needs. Buddies provides various programs to boost members’ morale and solve members’ problems, including but not limited to mentoring programs, diverse workshops, speech-a-thons, speech contests and many more.

3. A stress-free environment

Members are provided with a positive and supportive learning environment so that they can practice and learn from their mistakes. Learning from mistakes is a faster way to master new skills. During meetings, speakers are given valuable feedback from evaluators and the audience, so they can grow accumulatively and steadily.

4. Other supportive services

We have created a series of services to assist all the members along with their journey in Buddies.

a) A speech scheduling system, in which members can sign up as a speaker, evaluator or a meeting facilitator;

b) An effective communication platform, where members can communicate without abrasion, share ideas, and practice impromptu speaking skills.

 c) Meeting invitations and meeting minutes: members would receive an invitation before each meeting to prepare relative information to the meeting theme and a meeting minutes after every meeting to recap, most importantly, meeting recordings would be shared among members to review and refine their skills.

Are you expecting to have such an amazing experience with us?

Are you eager to grow yourself in a vibrant circumstance?

Are you ready to explore the fun and learning something new with us?

You are welcome to join our meetings and enjoy the time with us!

Written by Bruce Yu

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