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Notes from the editor: Allecia has been a devoted member to our club since day one. Engaging in our various forms of communication platform such as Slack, Buddies website and our weekly meetings. I feel thankful to be part of [Read More]

I knew like that reading books is very important. However, I never liked reading. I hated reading. But then one of my friends mentioned to me that I speak well but by reading I can improve the quality of my [Read More]

Where are you from? I was born in Pakistan. Where do you live? I live in Saudi Arabia. What are your top 3 favorite activities? My favorite activities are playing tennis, cricket and walking. What brought you to Toastmasters? I [Read More]

I’ve been wanting to create some good habits and ditch the bad ones as I looked back on the past year and realized how many of the bad ones I still struggled to detach from for years. I just finished [Read More]

Interviewer Note: Hasitha is a member full of will and makes sure to get a chance to speak whenever he joins our weekly meetings. It’s great to get to know him more and get a sense of where he’s at [Read More]