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This is an excerpt from https://www.toastmasters.org/Leadership%20Central/Featured%20Article

From outgoing officer to incoming officer; I’m responding to the Toastmasters.org article.
by Misako

4 Essential Tips for Outgoing Leaders

  1. Pass the positivity forward
    Buddies Club works well because we treat each other as our “buddy”. It’s an amity asset. When you face challenges, always ask “What is the best for my buddy?” We should find the right direction! Let’s keep experiment for the new potentials together.
  2. Be transparent
    Buddies biggest ongoing issue is the current officer team has neglected to have face-to-face training. It’s solely my fault as club president.
    Most of the information is available online but can be overlooked.
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  3. Make yourself accessible
    I can be always reached by email. Since this is a public page, please find me on Club website: https://youtu.be/oa2XdE44u8A
  4. Ask—and answer—the tough questions