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Hello Buddies,

The title is a question I often get asked. You have been through a painful experience, and you’ve learned something valuable. It is worth sharing, but there was a person/people who wronged/mistreated you. They caused the pain. If you omit the experience portion, your speech becomes vague. So, what should you do?

Share What You Have Learned. Yes.

Let’s say, you were mistreated at work. And you knew the person who caused it. She/he was brutal to you, you became isolated. You had to go through a tough time, but along the way, you were helped by friends/mentor/coach/family. You also found yourself getting stronger and wiser. You’ve got favorite quotes, books, and movies. Because of the experience, you’ve got strength. You want to share the painful experience because the knowledge you gained might be helpful to the others as well.


“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” — George Jessel

Have you ever had a “mind went blank” moment during your speech? Or do you have the fear that moment might happen to you one day? You are not alone!

In fact, it happens to everybody, including experienced professional speakers. Me? Oh yes, a big time. Once I forgot my name. MY NAME! (not to mention I was speaking in my first language. Waaa!)