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General Evaluator for Speak-a-thons

Sample Script

  • Accept control from President and thank him/her for the introduction.

“Thank you, [the person who introduced you]. Today we host a Speak-a-thon. It is dedicated to have as many speakers as possible. Also a great opportunity for members to complete speeches. At the end of the event, we will choose our best speaker.”

  • Introduce Meeting Helpers:  (Timer, Ah-Grammarian, Zoom Master)
    “First of all, I would like to introduce our Event Helpers.”

Our Timer is                    , could you explain your role to the attendees, please. “

*Timer explains the duties*

“Thank you, [Timer name]. Next, Our Ah-Grammarian is                   ,  could you explain your role and introduce the Word of the Day, please. “

*Ah-Grammarian explains the duties and introduces the WoD*

“Thank you, [Ah-Grammarian name].”

“Finally, it’s an important helper for Online meeting, our Zoom Master.
Zoom Master                   , could you explain your duties, please.”

*Zoom Master explains the duties*

“Thank you, [Zoom Mastername].”

  • Start Speeches
    “We will now begin our Speak-a-thon. Let’s enjoy our speakers’ inspiring, motivational, and educational speeches, all sprinkled with their personality.”

“Our first speaker is “[Name:               ]. The speech title is [Title: ],

[Name:               ], the stage is yours.”

*speaker takes the stage*

“Thank you, [Name:               ]. It was great! Now I would like to bring our next speaker…”

  • Poll and Evaluation Segment

“Thank you, [last speaker]. Our Zoom Host will launch the poll now. Please choose your favorite speaker when the polling box appears. The result will be announced at the end of the meeting.

I now pass the control of the meeting to [GE name], so he/she can call our meeting helpers for the report and give us his/her feedback.”

  • End Remarks

“Thank you, [GE name]. I hope all of you enjoyed the speak-a-thon as much I did.” “Is the result ready?”  

*If the result is ready, you will be receiving a chat message from Zoom account Holder. Proceed to announce from the 3rd, 2nd, and then, 1st prise.*

“Congratulations! Here is my final thoughts: [your thoughts; 1-2 min.]

Over to you, (Presiding Officer name). “

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