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General Evaluator

The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting. In addition, the General Evaluator conducts the evaluation portion of the meeting and is responsible for the evaluation team: the speech evaluators, Ah Counter, grammarian and timer. As General Evaluator, you:

  • Ensure other evaluators know their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of evaluations to the group.
  • Identify and confirm meeting assignments with the timer, grammarian and Ah-Counter.
  • Confirm the club meeting program and/or checklist with the Toastmaster.
  • During the meeting, take notes and report on all club proceedings to evaluate things such as timeliness, enthusiasm, preparation, organization, performance of duties, etc. Evaluate Table Topics speeches.

GE conducts the evaluating section.

  1. Greeting
  2. Invite each Speech Evaluator
  3. Call for ah-grammarian and timer report
  4. Give your meeting evaluation (1-3min)

Sample script

1 [Greetings]

Thank you very much, Madam/Mr. Toastmaster. We have now come to the Evaluation portion of our meeting. This is an extremely important part of our meeting for us to grow.

The purpose of the evaluation is to give both positive comments and suggestions for improvement. Hopefully, each speaker will feel encouraged by aspects of their speech that went well, and motivated to make their speeches even better for the next time.

2 [Inviting speech evaluators]

Our first evaluator is … evaluating …’s speech.

Please help me welcome.  [Lead applause]

Evaluator #1

Thank you. Our second evaluator is …, evaluating …’s speech.

Please help me welcome …. [Lead applause]

Evaluator #2

Our third evaluator is …, evaluating …’s speech.

Please help me welcome …. [Lead applause]

Evaluator #3

Thank you.

[Call for the Report]

Madam/Mr. Timer may we have a Timer’s Report, please?

Timer gives his/her Report

Thank you.

Madam/Mr. Grammarian, may we have a Grammarian Report, please?

Grammarian gives his/her Report

Thank you.

Madam/Mr. Ah-Counter, may we have a Ah-Counter Report, please?

Ah-Counter gives his/her Report

Thank you.

Evaluate the meeting as whole

Now I am going to provide my evaluation.

Check points:

Start Meeting on time? Transitions went smoothly?

Please comment on Table Topics Master, Evaluators.

Did everyone seem to enjoy the meeting? Did you enjoy it?

What did you particularly like about the meeting?

What can we improve?

What would you suggest to bring our meeting to the next level, even better?

(End with encouraging phrases, please! )

Back to you, Mr. Madam Toastmaster.

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