Buddies Online Toastmasters Club

Join us this Saturday!

Buddies is a 100% Beginner Friendly Toastmasters Club

With us you’ll enjoy:

  • An international audience from each corner of the world at your thumb’s length, wherever you are!
  • A perfect opportunity to practice Webinars and presentation with visual aids!
  • The safest place for you to experiment and go outside of your comfort zone!


CLICK HERE TO JOIN Room opens about 30 minutes prior to 1:00 UTC

We meet every Saturday at 1:00pm UTC, Click here to check your local time.

To acquire the Zoom ID and password: When you input your name, email, subject, and message in the following form, we receive an email to our club email. From there, a Club Officer will contact you with the Zoom ID, Zoom password, and answer any questions you may have about Buddies or Toastmasters International. Thank you for your interest!

NOTE: Once your message has been sent, the text to acknowledge that your message has been successfully sent will appear under the “SUBMIT” button.

    Please see our FAQ page for the membership fees.