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Habit of reading books

I knew like that reading books is very important. However, I never liked reading. I hated reading. But then one of my friends mentioned to me that I speak well but by reading I can improve the quality of my speech. He also suggested me a book. The book was title “The Leader who had no Title”. I started reading it. But as I mentioned that I did not like reading my mind would wander off just after reading 1-2 pages. Either I would be distracted by mobile or my own thoughts. I definitely believe that reading on e-devices is a bad idea. So, I would keep mobile out of my reach in silent mode and would try to focus and not get lost in my own thoughts. It required time patience but after I read more and more I realized that there are lot of things that I need to learn.I never liked self-help books because I thought I heard enough preaching and I wouldn’t find something new. But I was totally wrong. After reading my first  book I felt that my mind was hungry for information and amazingly I wanted to read more. I felt that like reading more because now I literally felt that my mind was behaving like a sponge and wanted more. I also felt that negative thoughts were less in my mind now as I have other informative things in my mind and I was focusing more on them.In one month I have read four books and I want to read more because I feel that now I am knowledge hungry. When I am free I don’t like to listed to random Youtube videos. Now I feel high by gaining knowledge from books or podcasts or informative youtube videos. I suggest everyone to cultivate this habit of reading books which might look very difficult in today’s world of distraction but you start it you will repent that why you didn’t do it earlier.