Buddies Online Toastmasters Club

Hark Master

Your role is to draw the meeting’s attention to the importance of careful listening. Listening is essential for powerful communications. Unless we understand what the speaker is saying we will not be very effective in our communications.

Compose five or six questions about happenings during the meeting or select five or six statements made during the meeting.

When called upon by the Toastmaster:

  • Briefly explain the purpose of the Harkmaster’s role
  • Ask the questions and then nominate the member to respond
  • Or repeat the statements recorded throughout the meeting and ask individuals if they can indicate who made the statement and/or in what context it was made
  • A combination of both styles can be very effective
  • Preferably ask members who otherwise have not been part of the meeting
  • Timing of your report is 2-3 minutes
  • Keep the pace moving. If a member cannot answer, ask one other person or just give the answer
  • If the meeting is running late, please reduce the number of questions posed

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