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My experience with Toastmaster Buddies!

My experience with Toastmasters Buddies is excellent. Since day one, which was in June 2019, my Buddies:

  1. Showed great care in my progress
  2. Showered me with positive and
  3. Constructive feedback

Which did miracles with regards to my communication and leadership skills.

Rediscover yourself in communications, leadership, mentorship, creativity and much more. We will promise you that you will not get bored.

Besides creating and delivering your speeches based on different projects, there are different challenging roles you can take during the weekly meetings. Sometimes….. multiple roles, which really prepares you for multi-tasking and still remain calm.

Our Buddies are all over the world, so you will learn and get evaluated by individuals with different perspectives and cultural background.

YES… this is the message you were waiting for….. and YES, take yourself to the next level with Toastmaster Buddies. Join us today!

By Toastmaster member Ingeborg Sint Jago

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