Hi Buddies!

Welcome to our brand new Wordpress for Toastmasters website! I’m sure by now you have already familiarized yourself with some parts of it. Log in to discover more!

In Buddies’ Lounge, you can initiate any topic you want to talk about in “unreal time” as a way to cure yourself of addiction to all sorts of instant messengers on your phone and to raise your deep-thinking capacity.

In Resources, you can directly go to Base Camp, learn a few speaking and leadership tips, understand how Toastmasters do their roles, or become a mentor/mentee.  What are you waiting for?

For the October 6th meeting, we still have several vacancies: Zoom Master, Body Language Monitor, Chat Monitor, Grammarian, and Ah-Counter (yes, we split it!). Grab one to show your support to your club and your distinct speaking and leadership styles!

See you on Saturday!

Faithfully yours,

Buddies Online Toastmasters Club


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