Toastmasters branded agenda

Buddies Online Toastmasters Club – Saturday April 6, 2024

We meet every Saturday 1PM UTC in Zoom. Guests: to join our meeting, please email for meeting room information.

Meeting Theme:: Training


Word of the Day: Professional Development

It refers to the ability of people to work together harmoniously without conflict. It implies a smooth and effective interaction or coexistence between elements.

President: Patrick M. Guilfoyle

Sergeant At Arms: Paivi S. Kero

Toastmaster of the Day Patrick Guilfoyle, DTM

The Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) opens the meeting with an inspirational message about the theme (2-3 min.), facilitates the meeting, calls on the votes for Best Speaker, provides closing remarks (1-2 min.) before transitioning back to President.

Timer Päivi Kero

The timer is key in our meetings! Your job is to time everyone: facilitators, evaluators, and speakers! You’ll introduce your role when called forth by the TMOD (1-2 min.), and gives a observations report when called upon by the GE (1-2 min.).

Grammarian Mary Kosovich

As Grammarian, pay close attention to the use of language (the good, the bad, and the amazing!) Also provide the Word of the Day! You’ll introduce your role when called forth by the TMOD (1-2 min.), and gives a observations report when called upon by the GE (2-3 min.).

12:50 to 12:58 PM
Speaker 1 To Be Announced
Other Manual or Non Manual Speech
5 – 7 minutes
Toastmaster Magazine Article “Lead Like a Master Gardener” By: Lauren Parsons
Speaker 2 Daniel Sun
Team Collaboration Level 3 Increasing Knowledge – Focus on the Positive
2 – 3 minutes or 5 -7
A conflict can be a way of improving us. We are evolving through accepting differences.
Speaker 3 Not Available
5 – 7 minutes

Speakers have reserved 7 minutes out of 7 planned

Backup Speaker Qing Yu

(TMOD: Request Best Speaker Poll)

Topics Master Patrick Guilfoyle, DTM

The Table Topics Master (TTM) facilitates Table Topics! You’ll have 2-3 min. to introduce Table Topics and review rules, 14 min. to run the session, and 1 min. to call the vote for Best Table Topic.

(TTM: Request Best Table Topic Speaker Poll)

General Evaluator Hodan Hilmi

The General Evaluator (GE) calls upon the evaluators, facilitators, and the Table Topics Evaluator to give their reports, and then provides an evaluation for the entire meeting in 3-4 min. ( has a checklist for this!). Before turning back to TMOD, call the vote for Best Facilitator.

Evaluator 1 Not Available
Evaluator 2 Hodan Hilmi
Evaluator 3 Not Available

Each evaluator is to introduce speech objectives and title when called by the TMOD to introduce the speaker.

Backup Evaluator Qing Yu

(GE: Request Best Evaluator Poll)

Topics Evaluator Hodan Hilmi

The Table Topics Evaluator has 3-4 min. to evaluate the TTM and the impromptu speakers briefly.

(GE: Request Best Facilitator Poll)

To change or sign up a role, Please visit the agenda on Buddies’ website.