Buddies Online Toastmasters Club


Saturday August 31, 2019 12:50 PM to 1:50 PM

This is the Buddies way of providing newcomers with more speaking opportunities at the end of each month.  There are six prepared speech slots to take instead of three. To make time for this, the speeches will only be only evaluated in writing after the meeting. Each evaluator is expected to watch the speech to be evaluated and complete the corresponding evaluation form after the meeting. 
Thanks for being our Buddy!

Meeting Theme

President/Chairperson Bruce Yu
Sergeant at Arms Jing Hu
Toastmaster of the Day Gustavo Matias
Audio, Video & Body Language Monitor Irfan Ghaffar
Timer Yinyin Wu
Grammarian Jamieann Wells-Fletcher
Ah Counter Bruce Yu

Evaluator 1 Farhad Khan
Evaluator 2 Gustavo Matias
Evaluator 3 Vitaly Parnas
Evaluator 4 Open
Evaluator 5 Khadija Gharbia
Evaluator 6 Open

Speaker 1 Vitaly Parnas
"My stroll through Detroit" Presentation Mastery Level 3 Increasing Knowledge: Connect with Storytelling (evaluation form)
Speaker 2 Hasitha (guest)
"Ice Breaker" Select Manual/Path (evaluation form)
Speaker 3 Jing Hu
"A Multifunction Bridge " Motivational Strategies Level 4 Building Skills: Write a Compelling Blog (evaluation form)
2 – 3 minutes
Speaker 4 Julius Koivumaa
COMPETENT COMMUNICATION: 10. Inspire Your Audience (evaluation form)
8 to 10 min
Speaker 5 Farhad Khan
"My recent trip to the UK" SPEAKING TO INFORM: 1. The Speech to Inform (evaluation form)
5 to 7 minutes
Speaker 6 Ingeborg Sint Jago
"Communication, let me be!" Motivational Strategies Level 2 Learning Your Style: Understanding Your Communication Style (evaluation form)
5 – 7 minutes
We have six speakers in the meeting to give a prepared speech from one of the many Toastmasters manuals

Backup Speaker Kannan Sankara, DTM
General Evaluator Ranjit Souri

Please read notes to role takers carefully if  you  are  not  familiar  with Toastmasters  meetings.

Meet us every Saturday at 1PM UTC: https://zoom.us/j/591440460

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