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A Decade with Toastmasters

That’s it, the last day of the decade is here. Ten years is a lot of time if you put into perspective, if anything can happen in a few seconds what can happen in a decade?

Well, the world keep spinning and no matter where you look, things are changing whether we want it or not. That’s definitely true for Toastmasters with over nine decades of countless speeches and helping people find leadership opportunities to help them develop and grow.

Let me ask you, have you ever been to a Toastmaster meeting only to find out someone sitting next to you is about ten years younger? If you’re a bit like me, you might also wonder – “ah, I wish I got into Toastmasters at his/her/their age. I’d be nailing it by now!”. While that could be true, it doesn’t deny the fact that the next ten years ahead of you can be used for the exact same purpose as if you’ve joined Toastmasters a bit younger.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter that much. What matters most is actually not even what you do in the next decade or the brand new year that’s ahead of us. It’s what you do today; right here, right now. Are you preparing for your next speech? Good. Are you jotting some ideas down for what you want your next message to be? Good. Are you practicing at home in front of the mirror or to your family members? Good.

This should not be a shocker to people, but being part of Toastmasters doesn’t make you any better at communication and leadership. Now, consistently joining meetings and devoting time to yourself, others and the community as a whole is what does. Whether it’s an OK speech, a good speech or an excellent one, or whether you’re the Timer at the meeting or some other role you’re not too excited about, it’s still something and that’s worth nurturing and celebrating. How else do you think Toastmaster became what we know of today? All thanks to people who showed up and supported in any way they could.

As far as the entire Toastmasters ecosystem goes, a lot has been done since Ralph C. Smedley founded this organization we appreciate so much. Below is a sample of what has been accomplished in the soon-to-be-last-decade:


Almost 100 years of Toastmasters and it took one man to believe in the power of his community and way after his passing on planet earth, we still benefit from something that started in a small room with a handful of man trying to improve their speaking skills. Let me repeat, it took only one man, one person, to believe and take consistent action. One speech at a time, one meeting at a time, making the best he could on a single day. That by itself is to be admired.

Let’s all make today a day for this community that’s been helping us so much, if we do that a bit each day, I assure you won’t regret when you look back a decade behind.

Thank you members and specially, thank you Smedley.

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